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About The Gourmet Crab

The Gourmet Crab opened its doors in 2010 as a supplier of fresh stone crab claws and lobster tails. As a local family-owned business based out of the Florida Keys, The Gourmet Crab is dedicated to providing the freshest top-grade seafood, never frozen; as well as our signature mustard dipping sauce, a family recipe.

As our name suggests, The Gourmet Crab specializes in purveying premium stone crab claws, a savory shellfish that is only in season between October 15th and May 15th. The stone crab’s unique properties actually allow it to be harvested without damaging population levels.

When harvesting the stone crab, only one claw is taken, usually the largest one, and the crab is returned to the ocean unharmed. Before the start of the next season, not only does the crab regenerate its missing limb, but the claw that was not taken actually gets larger! Currently, there is no overfishing occurring and the stone crab is estimated to have high population levels.

Interesting Fact

Every time a stone crab molts, its new claw grows larger. A large crab claw can weigh up to half a pound, while colossal claws can reach over one pound!
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