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Our Fresh Seafood Products

The Gourmet Crab is a supplier of stone crab claws in a variety of sizes; as well as lobster tails and our classic mustard dipping sauce based on a family recipe. Our stone crabs and lobsters are caught just off of the Florida Keys and are NEVER frozen, preserving their excellent flavor and texture.

Stone Crab Claws (Seasonal)

Medium Claws: Weigh up to 3 oz (5-8 Claws/lb)
Large Claws: Weigh 3-5 oz (4-5 Claws/lb)
Jumbo Claws: Weigh 5-7 oz (3 Claws/lb)
Colossal Claws: Weigh 8 oz or more (1-2 Claws/lb)

Crab claws are sold by the pound with a minimum purchase of three pounds required. Claws are also available in a mixed assortment of sizes and in 5lb and 10lb packages.

Florida Spiny Lobster Tails

Lobster tails are sold by quantity of tails. Each tail is close to one pound.

Mustard Dipping Sauce

Our sweet and tangy mustard dipping sauce is homemade, based on a family recipe.
Available in 8 oz containers.

All online orders are shipped via FedEx overnight shipping and packed with cold gel packs to preserve freshness. If you are a restaurant owner or food vendor and would like to place a large bulk order, contact us.
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